When is my bin picked up?

Calendar with curb-side bins pickup dates for Edinburgh. With reminders!

App which shows you reminders about dates for your curb-side recycling and bins are picked up.

This student-made mobile app will make sure you don’t forget when your packaging, glass, garden, food and landfill bins are picked up.

About the Project Team & Data:

This project was created by a group of CodeClan students (David Bujok, George Tegos, Lewis Ferguson) and their instructor (Pawel Orzechowski).

Would you like to help?

If you would like to help us with this project, please get in touch via codestorytelling@gmail.com – what are the types of things we would love assistance on?

  • Do you work with council, or community group and would like to discuss how this project can be taken onwards?
  • Do you have attention to details and would like to comb through our data and see if anything is inconsistent?
  • Are you a designer and would like to help us to make this app more usable and pretty?